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As a home improvement company, we’ve been in the construction industry for 15 years and our customers tell us that the secret to our success lies in our passion for great customer service. Our service includes everything from major home improvement projects through to small handymen type jobs.

What we do best

Who we are

Although we have deep knowledge and expertise to transform homes to have that ‘wow’ factor, what our customers truly appreciate is that we:


  • Give warranties on jobs
  • Our prices are fixed and there are no hidden charges
  • respond fast to enquiries
  • ensure that our quotes are fast, accurate and detailed and include options and alternatives
  • turn up when we say we will
  • clean up after ourselves
  • do what we say we’re going to do
  • update our clients with progress reports, issues and any extra relevant details
  • love delivering high quality jobs that are within budget
  • are courteous, approachable and friendly
  • go the extra mile whenever we can
  • follow up after the job to check that everything is fine, whether you like it and to thank you for your custom.

We know how important your home is. It’s your haven and it’s where you relax. We will make sure that your home suits your lifestyle and is somewhere that you’ll never want to leave. Not to mention a place that your friends and neighbours will envy. Our focus is also on ensuring it’s easy to maintain.

Company history

It was over 15 years ago that we started out on our home improvement journey with a toolbox of skills and a bucket load of talent. More...

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